The great results obtained by Panda Free Antivirus engine in the Real-World Test of AV-Comparatives, with 100% detection in July 2017. Once again, the best ones in the test. Congratulations!!

The chart can be seen here: Click Here

And the report in pdf here: Click Here

The results are based on the test set of 329 live test cases (malicious URLs found in the field), consisting of working exploits (i.e. drive-by downloads) and URLs pointing directly to malware. Thus exactly the same infection vectors are used as a typical user would experience in everyday life. The test-cases used cover a wide range of current malicious sites and provide insights into the protection given by the various products (using all their protection features) while surfing the web.
Panda Security is the leading Cyber Security Company based in Spain.
Panda Adaptive Defense 360 is the first cyber-security service that combines next-generation protection (NG EPP) and detection and remediation technologies (EDR), with the ability to classify 100% of running processes. The Platform connects contextual intelligence with defensive operations to pre-empt malicious behaviour and data leaks.
This way, protection systems can be activated before threats are executed.
Complete advanced protection for endpoints and servers to eradicate the malware.
This Technology is especially effective against Ransomware Threats.

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